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Nata bad latte! (Nata’s Cafe, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada)

Dad joke, I know. But by Nata bad latte, I mean one of the best lattes I’ve had.

Walking into the stone floored cafe, you will immediately feel at home hearing the clinks, taps, and hisses of their espresso machine. Nata’s Cafe in Peterborough is a perfect place to spend the afternoon reading, grab a coffee to go, or meet a friend for breakfast.

What to bite?

Try their Belgian waffles topped with whipped cream and berries or old fashioned maple syrup. They even have a kid-friendly size that comes with a milk or juice. If you’re looking for breakfast with a bit more protein, you will want to order two (because they’re so delicious) croissant breakfast sandwiches. Made with a fresh croissant, bacon, cheese, scrambled egg. (They’ve even substituted tomato for bacon if you’re veggie).

They also offer a lunch menu and lots of tasty desserts.

What to sip?

ORDER A LATTE. Seriously. Even if you don’t like them, just do it. You will fall in love.

Why I love it?

Kid-friendly basket of books and a highchair if you ask. Free wifi. Comfy window view for people watching downtown Peterborough. And best of all, they support local artists and grassroots projects. You will always find unique and beautiful artwork on their walls, sometimes submitted by local high school art programs.

Check them out online here!


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