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This pizza would make Mona Lisa smile! (Mona Lisa Cafe, Granada, Nicaragua)

Remember a time that you were wandering the streets of a foreign country after weeks of travel, craving some grub from home? Then picture stepping into a little pizza shop, almost feeling guilty for not immersing yourself in that culture’s cuisine, but indulging in your comfort food. You gear yourself up for a mediocre slice, as you sip your cool beer on the patio. We both know how this story turns out when your pota

to and sausage pizza arrives and you realize that this is one of the greatest pizzas of your life. SO great in fact that you make it a priority to visit the restaurant one last time before you catch your flight home! If you are fortunate enough to tour around Nicaragua, make sure you stop in Granada for a few days. Not only to check out the rich culture, colorful doors, and bustling markets, but also for some great pizza! (check out my other reviews on Granada restaurants while you’re at it!)

What to bite?

Let’s be honest here, you could order a topping you didn’t even like and you would still go back for more. Although a little pricy for Granada, it is well worth ordering a pizza larger that wh

at you’d normally order. Thin, crispy crust, fresh homemade sauce and gooey mozzarella. Grab a beer and share your pie with a friend or better yet, order 2!

Why I love it?

Kid-friendly (even a highchair if you ask) with an indoor play area. Sidewalk patio for prime people watching and incredible sunset view of the city street (see photo below!). Or eat indoors (booooring!). Family owned and staffed with warm and friendly locals.

Check them out online here!

View from Mona Lisa Cafe

View from Mona Lisa Cafe


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